Well, we did our FIRST paint job in the new place! It looks alright… right?! But, I think I should revisit where we started out.

white living room and brick fireplace

This pinky-beige was in every room of the house so we definitely needed to break it up a bit. Here’s how she was looking a couple days before we broke out the paint-cans (with everything shoved in the middle of the room prepping for the big day!).


The living room paint is nice and fresh! With this colour the two picture windows on either side of the fireplace will frame the outdoors so nicely. Can’t wait to see the buds forming on all the trees in Spring.

white painted walls

The grey and yellow in the furnishings makes so much more sense now against the clean off-white background. Looking for a fresh start of your own? We used Benjamin Moore “Soft Chamois” OC13.

(Now, just to get a little art up on the walls)!

white painted walls and red brick fireplace

Next, was finding the colour for the dining room/kitchen. It has some separation, but the main floor is still quite open. So, the trick was finding a combo we could handle staring at from both rooms. Benjamin Moore’s “Dexbury Gray” HC163 seemed like a good choice.

I had to do a few test swatches (just to make sure), always a good idea anyway. See? There is that pink-beige again…


And, there it goes…

grey blue walls

Boom! It’s a nice hit of colour, right when you need it too — having your morning joe, about to start the day. Now, I just need to do something about that light fixture (a few of them actually).

grey blue walls in the dining room

(What’s that in the distance? I might of found some time to hang a little art in the living room, but, more on that another day).

Bonus for “Dexbury Gray”… it works with our rug, and the existing flooring and counter tops. That wasn’t a necessary goal as we’re eventually going to change these down the road. However, it was a nice surprise how well it all works together, instead of making our problem areas pop out.



A couple extra shots…

grey blue and white paint in great room

white paint and red brick fireplace

Sadly, there isn’t a paint that is going to help me with this backsplash situation. So, we’ll add this job to the list too!


Paint is a wonderful thing. Inexpensive and easy to change. A win-win combo.

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