Update: We’ve made some more progress… Be sure to check out the entire, updated Foyer Makeover, AND my tutorial for my custom DIY Copper Shoe Rack!

Oh my… this has been a doozy. It’s been going on for nearly a year. Ideas have changed –– a few times. Things have come, and been returned. Kijiji finds found, and sold.

But… that’s how she goes sometimes. And, now the pay-off seems extra sweet. Time for some foyer closet storage!

This is how we started out, way way back…


And, here it is now… Right?! Uhhh…. so! much! better!

Ok, but let’s back up. So — this all started because this closet was not working for us. Two, large, heavy, mirrored doors. Why didn’t they work?

1. The doors, when fully opened, only ever exposed half of the closet. It made it hard to organize/see/know what was in there.

2. The closet, wasn’t our style. Doors were outdated.

3. Heavy, screechy, and not toddler friendly…  P.S. – ugly.


So how did we get here? First, closet doors went bye-bye. And, Mmm-k, granted, this step did not improve ‘the pretty’. In fact, it was good encouragement to keep it moving…


Next, I ditched the idea about keeping shoes in the closet at all. You can see more on that here, with my snazzy copper shoe rack. And, then I improved the sterile flooring situation, with a much warmer, more modern option, which you can read about here.


The closet got striped down to bare bones. Everything gone. Clean slate. That worked up a sweat — but it was only the beginning. So. Much. To. Do. Too much to cover in a single post. So… I think it’s best to start with that gallery wall.

I know what you’re thinking… how do you use the jacket hooks over all those photo frames without them falling down?  These babies, that’s how!


Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips. Think Velcro-type hold. (And, no, this post was not sponsored, I just love them).


The small, extra light, items, got one set of strips. The larger, heavier pieces got at least two sets. They are so secure. No pivoting side-to-side, and no lifting from the wall. It’s how it would be if I screwed the frames into the wall, but without all the wall damage. Change my mind? Want to change an image? Simply peel it away, make my change, and pop it back into place using the same strip set.

Where can’t I find a place for a gallery wall? I think I may have an addiction.

There’s so much more to share! Like, how about that bench — that floral bird fabric?! Don’t worry, I’ll share it all soooon. For now… I’m just so happy to have our foyer back. **UPDATE:** CHECK OUT that bench makeover, with that gorgeous fabric HERE!

**This project has been featured on the Motivational Monday Link Party over at the DIY Mommy. Check out all those other great ideas!**

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  1. Dear Jen,
    This is absolutely amazing and EXACTLY what I was looking for. What an inspiration ! My entrance cupboard needs a serious sprucing up !
    Quick question for you about daily logistics : my cupboard at the moment is choka-block packed with coats and jackets. Some need to be discarded, but a lot will remain ultimately. I was wondering if the hooks you placed were enough to hang all the coats of the family and if they didn’t hide out the beautiful gallery wall behind completely. The appeal of a closed cupboard is to hide the mess of different coats which come in all colours, textures and sizes. However my entrance is so bland and boring the “nook” effect you created really appeals to me as it would give the room an actual decorative element. I’m however wondering if with coats hanging the effect is as neat. Thank you so much for your help and well done for this fabulous makeover !
    Happy holidays from Paris !

    1. Hi Geraldine! Thanks so much! Well, to answer your question the best I can… we keep our coats out on a seasonal basis. So our bulky winter coats are in storage during the Summer, and vise versa with our Summer coats in Winter. Yes, these hooks are more than enough for our family of 3, and would still work well with a larger family. Yes, our coats at any given time, could be covering up to about half of the artwork on the wall, but it’s tidy and so easy to use. It is definitely a casual look, which suits us just fine… but it’s something to consider before you rush in removing your closet doors for sure! Hope that helps! Take care, and happy new year!

    1. Thanks Christina! Y’know, its been great because we have the baskets and the big drawer for the little messy stuff… and because it’s so much more pretty now, it encourages us to pick-up and hang-up our stuff! :) — Thanks for the link party!

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