I’ve been making some progress this week. Remember this plan for the foyer? Well, the next step before anything else could happen, was the floor (we wanted it to extend into the closet, as it would stay visible). Time for,  “Foyer Part 2: Flooring!”

This is what we had…


Lino. It was easy to clean, but didn’t have much else going for it. At least not in the foyer. Funny enough, it doesn’t bother me so much in the kitchen (yep, it’s up there too).

There is something about the foyer. It should be a little extra welcoming don’t you think? Ours was pretty cold, and it’s unusually large… about 100 sq. feet, it made all the bad parts that much worse. But we’re working on it. And, here goes the floors…



THIS was my magic ingredient to a warm foyer… I chose Traffic Master Allure floors in Hickory. At 24 sq. ft. per box, I purchased 5 boxes, and have over a half of a box left over. Total cost = $210 (including tax).


installing plank flooring

The tricky part is the first few planks. And it’s really just a matter of getting in your groove and feeling comfortable with the product. But, the easiest way to think about it is, cut edges can go on the first and last plank in a row, and the exposed adhesive should always run along the bottom and along the right of each plank. Start in the corner and work left to right.

installing plank vinyl flooring

By this point, I had found my groove. There is actually an error in this shot, but you would never know. The problem? I ended up with a cut right edge on a plank, in the middle of the floor, meaning no adhesive, meaning there was no edge to butt my next piece against. But it was only about a 2″ piece, and not worth tossing all the work I had done to get to this point, so it stayed right where it was.

install flooring

This flooring will allow some re-positioning. However, you need to do it quick, any more than a few moments in place, and it’s staying there unless you’re willing to risk ruining at least that plank, if not a entire row or more. So… take your time… be careful.

install foyer flooring

See? Motoring right along… but what’s with the lamp on the floor. Well… we might also be changing a couple light fixtures during this little foyer makeover… and we may of just run into an electrical problem. So… out come the lamps to light my way to the finish line.


Plus, I was trying to surprise my wonderful husband while he was away on a business trip with this new floor. And, I desperately didn’t want him coming home to something half finished… so after the kiddo was asleep… down to the foyer I went. So after it was all said and done, 100 sq. feet was done in about 10 hours, over two days. That includes prep like pulling baseboards and cleaning the old floor — plus that awkward first hour that you’re moving about half speed as you get used to it all.

Mmmm. oh ya, it’s worth mentioning, I did not prepare for working on the floor like that for two days. I was basically in a squat or lunge position the entire time. And, I found stairs difficult on day 3. Next time, I will stretch and limber up a little before-hand. My bad.

This was my last row. And I essentially needed to only use the adhesive strip off a new board, cut down to fit the one on the floor.


Made for some interesting cuts working around the moulding from the light box side windows at the front door. I took a pic of the most complicated cut I made all weekend…


I scored the plank and used pliers to control exactly where I needed the board to split, getting the exact shape I needed to finish the job.

So, here’s the reminder of what we started with…

foyer before

And, here is how it turned out. (Notice I cut out the bottom of the stairs in the after shot… we might just have a few “changes-in-progress” happening over there that I’m not ready to share just yet).


I’m loving this flooring! It’s a game changer! It’s warm and inviting, it has a water-proof seal which is great for winter, and easy to clean. Steam-cleaner approved, which makes me happy. And, this stuff is pretty impressive. It’s not the Lino of years past. This has texture, the wide planks give it a realistic look, and the colouring and wood “knots” are convincing. Best of all — it was super affordable, and quick to install.

Up next? Painting and replacing baseboards… we’re getting there…

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