Blogging is fun, but making connections and meeting other creatives makes it all — so. much. better. It’s amazing. Lately, I’ve found the need for a business card… but, just here and there. No need to have a big order of cards sitting around. Especially with how often I’ve been known to change my mind about colours and designs and all that fun stuff.

Enter a custom rubber stamp.



Awesome! Ok — but let’s back up for a minute. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, I was snooping around on Etsy for something just like this — but then, I found an amazing custom stamp shop (Brick Bubble) on Instagram… and here’s the crazy part — she’s pretty much my neighbour. What are the chances?!


So now I can print stamp as many as I want! My first kick at the can was teal-blue ink and the heaviest weight of Kraft paper/cardboard, paper I could find. This stuff “plunks” when I set it down on a table. Peeerfect!

Pretty awesome right? Go check out Brick Bubble and get your own! And, did you notice those little logos on my fancy new card? Social Media! I’m there! Find me on… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  /freshcrush.

What do you think? Would you use a stamp in lieu of a printed business card?


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  1. Looks fabulous! So happy I was able to help out. Can’t wait to work together in the future! I am sure you will need something laser cut. ;)

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