FRESH in the mail from Berkley Illustration, it’s the fantastic Mr. “Red Fox“.



Isn’t he swell? This gorgeous print is part of a collection of the most fun, and whimsical prints from Berkley Illustration. Find them on their Etsy shop, and to learn a little more about the Illustrator, check out their recent interview here.

Oh, I can’t wait to get him up on the wall in the Kiddos’s nursery in a fun photo grouping!

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  1. Hi. Love your site! I saw you had visited mine…I think to look at my burlap covered chair. We too are in a new home (hubbys a builder). So I always have to add my OWN character to it like hanging old barn doors, making furniture,etc. I just love what you did with those patio chairs. Brilliant! xox Sarah@

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