Beautiful fabrics like these are at your fingertips my friends!

If you have a project on the go, but are at a standstill for lack of finding that perfect fabric, your waiting days are over! Quilt Home has a fabric for everyone.

The prices are fantastic, the people are friendly, and the delivery is fast. (My order actually arrived well before I thought it would).

The selection is amazing. Gone are the days of wandering around the fabric store for hours, hoping that one special fabric will jump out at you and wave hello. It will be a challenge to whittle down your favourites before purchasing from Quilt Home.

With many designers to choose from, designers featured include:

Amy Butler
Heather Bailey &
Joel Dewberry

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  1. I was browsing that site a few days ago and fell in love with the collection you have featured above. Hee hee!

    Time to order something I think…… :)

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