After my latest visit to Superstore (which, for all of you who frequent it, know that this is a, “buy anything and everything, from all the fixin’s for Thanksgiving dinner, to the cute outfit you’re gonna cook it in, and the flatware you’re gonna serve it with” kind of market), I decided I just had to share¬†all some of my finds here with you.

If you’re planning on serving dinner on the patio all summer, or just want to jazz up the kitchen, this is the post for you!

Cutlery is just $12.99 for 20 pcs. An incredible $1 for assorted placemats, and round it off with a tablecloth for $5.99

This fantastic bamboo serving tray is just $9.99. The glassware is a set of 16 (8 tall, 8 short) for $15.99 and the ice cube tray comes in at a mere 99 cents.

Pick up these large platters and serving bowls for $5.50. And the oven mitt? $1.

These amazing eco dinner plates completely biodegrade within a year, and are (top shelf) dishwasher safe. Something to feel good about when out on a picnic and at just $6.99, it doesn’t hurt the wallet. Take your pick of a plastic dinner plate at just $2.50 each, and serve up some ice-cream in style for under $2.

The deals didn’t stop there. Here are some of the other great finds that made it home with me…

Tea towels for one dollar each. Can’t beat that.

New bath rug for $14.99. This one is very soft under foot.

This cushion was priced right. With such a great pattern, you almost can’t make it for this price… just $9.99.

An oatmeal coloured casual throw for $14.99. And finally…

Your choice of patterns in these pillowcases for just $9.99 for a set of two.

A lot of great deals to start your summer right. Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. I live in Texas (Fort Worth) and I’ve never even heard of Superstore. I love the colors and styles they carry. I am moving to New Jersey in the fall. Is there a Superstore up there, do you know? I could buy online I guess, but I am a little old school and prefer to handle the merchandise before buying. Love your site. I saw your dresser make over on Young House Love and came on over to check your site out. Can’t stop reading and looking at all your great pictures and ideas. Great job. Will definetly be coming back on a regular basis. :o)

    1. Hey Stacy. Unfortunately as far as I know Superstore is only in the Canadian provinces. Other favourites for finding a bargain are Winners and Homesense — which the equivalent would be your Marshalls and American Homegoods – I believe!? Best to you, and good luck with your move, hope its stress-free!! ;)

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