If you are lucky enough to live near a location of The Tin Box, you know what I mean when I say, I can get lost in this store for hours! Decor, to handbags, to gadgets and everything inbetween, this store is definitely one of my favourites. I can never seem to visit without bringing a few things home… here’s how my latest visit turned out:

This beautiful double-sided pillow couldn’t possibly get left behind. Nope! I think it will give a nice pop of colour in the guest room. (Stay tuned for that reveal in the coming weeks!)

Piggy bank for the nursery. So cute right?!

Fantastic glass vessel. Should I throw some flowers in there? Candy? Can’t decide…

A classic. A great motto to start the day, along with your morning cup o’ joe.

Finally! Bobino cable buddy. Now my earbuds can stop wrapping themselves around my keys while they jostle around in my purse. Phew! Crisis averted!

Do you have a favourite place to shop? Do tell! Share your little secret in the comments. Or better yet, upload some photos and show off your finds on our Facebook page!

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  1. So cool to see a fellow Edmontonian featured on YHL – which I didn’t realize until I perused your blog and noticed the snow, Superstore and Urban Barn! :) I’m now officially smitten with your blog – especially the nursery DIY projects!

  2. Love your blog! Just found it from YHL and love your style. Your house looks so warm and inviting.

    The Tin Box is such a great store! I love their hilarious and random cards. Do you go to the one in Edmonton?

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