I love the Edmonton River Valley. Especially this time of year, Autumn leaves, blue skies. It is the best. But, it’s even better when an already beautiful drive nets you 2 gorgeous chairs?

I skipped a step. It’s even better when your latest Kijiji hunt found you a couple of gorgeous chairs to help you enjoy your Fall-time journey through the city.

Look at my new little pretties (there is two of them, I promise)…


Ok, the fabric isn’t great. But it IS in great shape and will do just fine while I start my next hunt. The hunt for new fabric!!! Remember, there are two of this beauties, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. But other than the usual and expected wear-and-tear, these are in excellent condition.


The rounded base and legs are so pretty. And the high-back adds a little drama, but I love how the caning keeps it casual. The cats love them too, they’ve each claimed one as their thrones (for now).


The lady I bought them from, only had them a short while. I don’t think she had the room for them, sadly. She bought them off a senior having an estate sale earlier this year. The incredible part of the story? I snagged them for $100 for the pair! Ya, both.

You don’t even think about haggling at that price. It was a steal. She was happy to see them go, and I was happy to take them.

I did a little searching around and have found the identical pair of chairs (with velvet fabric), selling for $550 for the pair, or $300 each. So — I’ve got a little wiggle room with the new fabric.

The caning along the sides has zero damage. No holes or tears. The wood will just get a clean up, natural stain, something like that. The fabric, I’m thinking something bold, ya?

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