What does 7 metres of this beautiful fabric have to do with our old movie room turned home gym? Hmmm?

This room looks like it has a split personality. Could it be makeover time?

Time to bring in some pretty. Stay tuned…

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  1. LOVE the fabric. Your Fabricland is much better than mine. We only get the granny kind of stuff :)
    I”ll definitely check out Quilt Home. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thanks! This is from Fabricland (and end-of-the-bolt store), meaning stock is very affordable, but is always changing. So when I see something I like, I buy it! Unfortunately, the bolt didn’t have a proper tag on it, so I can’t even give you the designer’s name to find this exact fabric yourself. But I have been looking around on the internet a bit, hoping to discover the designer.

      Another GREAT source for fabric, if you don’t mind waiting for shipping is Quilt Home. They have a wide selection of designers and there is truly something for everyone there. My last order arrived well before I expected it to (nice bonus). And the folks at Quilt Home even gave me a phone call about the smallest of small imperfection in the fabric (we’re talking smaller than a pea size imperfection) to see if I was okay with it. Which I was, which resulted in a small discount for me. Fantastic site, highly recommend it!

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