Our very first “fresh tour” is thanks to Lisa M., who has been so kind to invite us into her home. Her home is an exercise in how small does not mean you have to sacrifice any function or style.

Built in 1954, and only 650 sq. ft., she tells us it’s just perfect for a girl and her cat.

I love how she hasn’t limited herself to puny furniture. A full size sofa and teak coffee table (a craigslist find!) maximizes function and distracts the eye from noticing any lack of square feet. She’s used a beautiful wood screen here to partition off an area for a home office. There’s nothing missing in this little gem, even room for an armchair and side table!

Lisa is lucky enough to have been able to maintain the original kitchen cabinets and hardware! And, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon– she tells us they are very loved.

An eat-in kitchen can be rare at this size. Lisa makes the most of it, and the rest of her condo with a collection of furniture that is a mix of ikea, things she has found on sale, and hand-me-downs from her grandparents.

Here is a closer look at the hidden office off the living room:

Lisa has maximized space in her tiny bathroom by installing a pedestal sink, and mounting a shelf with baskets on the opposite wall to hold all her toiletries.

Additional storage comes in the form of the beautiful white shelves from Pure Design. It’s topped off with some artwork purchased from Etsy.

Easy updates in the bedroom include a gorgeous drum shade, and a soft paint colour. A repurposed ikea stool serves as her bedside table, with a basket for storage underneath. Closet space is at a minimum, so everything does double duty in this space.

Thanks for the tour Lisa! Great job maximizing style and function.

How do you think she did? Make your opinion heard in the comments! ;)

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  1. Lisa’s space is quite incredible and her choices of furniture, colour and placement is outstanding. Beautiful and creative. I love it.

  2. I’d love to know what color Lisa used in her kitchen ~ it’s so fresh and lively and I’m looking for that perfect green for my newly updated kitch

  3. It’s a lovely, lovely apartment. I’d love to see how her closet looks like to understand more of what she does to work with her space. I love the colours!
    I found your blog via YoungHouseLove.

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