Oh man, I hate this closet. You’re saying “hate” is a strong word Jen, but it’s true. I try not to have any emotional feeling towards inanimate objects, but it has been so darn useless for us. I could live with the outdated-ness of it all. But the function, good grief the function!

mirror closet doors

This is our front entry, and the only storage in the area. (Oh, and that’s Friday, the cat, checking things out). So think, all our coats and shoes, extra bags, all the gloves and touques in the winter… you with me? Ok.

Problem #2 (I’m starting on 2, because it IS outdated, and that is a bit of a problem), These doors are too big and heavy! This means its useless to the kiddo, but beyond that even when the closet is as open as it can be, 2/3’ds of the closet is out of reach. This means you don’t know what is in there. Ever. So you constantly feel like something is missing or lost.

Problem #3, its such a waste of space! The closet isn’t small, but with limited access to it, we just don’t use it. Everything is outside of the closet on hooks, and I hang things like Olivia’s bag and my purse on the bannister, and shoes are all over the floor — it creates clutter.

Problem #4, lack of visual interest. Our home is a walk-out, so when you come in the front door, it’s a little dark and boring. (All the interesting stuff is at the top of the stairs). It is just not welcoming, and we’re sick of rushing people upstairs to try and avoid it all together.

So… I’ve been tucking away ideas on Pinterest, like this great one from House of Smiths. I mean, super cute right? And, it checks all the boxes. I can see everything, there is storage, its bright and cheery and has easy access.

storage closet plan

I got a bit of a head start and ripped everything out. Hee hee (nervous laughter), welcome home honey!


But look what I found!!!

**Ok, here’s a funny story. You know you are a couple of big fat nerds when you run into your husband at a garage sale! Yep, there I am shuffling around gem-filled tables, when who pulls up? Olivia ran down the driveway saying “Daaaddyyyyy”. The lady running the show looked confused**

But look what I found! A solid wood locker/cubby system. It was apparently originally in a pre-school. Kinda neat. Some good energy attached to this one.

wood school house locker

A little bit of paint? Mounted inside our closet???? Ya? Are you feeling this???


A few baskets, a bench underneath, shelf for shoes… I am liking where this is going. On the road to front entry organization, and loving it!



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