So this is pretty clever. And sadly, it has absolutely nothing to do with me so I can’t take any credit at all. This is all Steve.

Let’s get an old vintage TV working! He found this old retro TV at the dump, and was inspired. My kind of guy.


What if he could get this old beauty working again?… Sort of.


But first… rip it apart. Remove the front, pop off the back, and get that old tv tube outta there.


Ok, so here’s the thing. Old tubes apparently store energy from the last time they were plugged into a power source. And there’s this coil… that if you touched it? Well, it would be bad. So you have to purge all the stored energy.


There is both vacuum stored energy, and the electrical stored energy. I won’t try to explain, since, first, I did not actually do any of this, and secondly, if you plan on doing this yourself (not likely), you should probably do your own extensive research to ensure you’re handling your particular TV model appropriately.


Ok, so enough disclaimer talk. Just be careful y’all.

So here is the removed tube. Smell ya later! The plan was to replace it with a working TV hidden within the unit. What Steve ended up doing was using a computer monitor. But more on that in a minute.


First was how to disguise the modern tv within the retro tv. Here he took some plexiglass cut to size to mimic the old tv tube glass. Then –– here is the really clever part –– he spray-painted black all around the edges and made sure to feather it out.


Then he heated it up with a blow-torch and used the old tube as a weight to shape the plexi-glass to create a new “retro-inspired” tv tube glass front. Genius!


His final step was to add some frosted spray paint across the entire piece of plexi-glass to give the tv that foggy retro-vision. Here he is dropping it into place onto the original tv frame.




So, now the new tv part — well, it actually ended up being a computer monitor. The bad thing about that? The sound needs to be routed through external speakers. The good thing? It was purchased on the cheap, it fit a lot better than a larger tv, and we think its better designed for longer running times.


So… new tv inside old tv, and presto! … Wait… alright, so right now it’s just a new tv sitting inside an old tv box. But, hang-on!


You add the super genius retro-fied plexi-glass into the original frame, and start rolling some vintage tv clips… and its like you’ve stepped back in time. I can almost feel what it must of been like to change the channel… by actually walking over to the tv! (Not that I’m old enough to remember that… yes I am).


This little beauty is sitting in the showroom of the Ski-Doo dealership, where Steve works, playing — you guessed it — VINTAGE Ski-Doo commercials. So good, right?


And to think this little guy was started out in the trash. Hmm… pretty clever.

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