A gift guide for the holiday lover in your life. Add a little sparkle and cheer into their festive world with 18 amazingly beautiful gift ideas!

This one is for the holiday lover in your world. You know the ones… you can hear the Fa-la-la-la-la-ing as you walk up to the house. Christmas music on blast, custom winterized cushions on the sofa, the perfect and most tasteful holiday buffet set up and ready to go. And, they always seem to bake the best cookies. Treat them a little and give them something you know they’ll love… holiday style!

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Perfect Gifts for the Entertainer…

These are those folks that take the best care of their guests. These holiday lovers seem to have dinner perfectly planned, drinks chilled, and the house is always hopping. Give them a tool or two in their entertaining arsenal.

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  1. Set of 4 glass picks. The perfect spear to pick up small bites.
  2. A sleek, and beautiful at home bartender’s set. Guest approved!
  3. Stainless steel coffee pitcher. Glamour is served!
  4. Get festive all year long with this gilded, hammered serving bowl.
  5. Did someone say pineapple? Break the ice with this fun ice bucket.
  6. Place-holders to set the table, or help identify all the fancy cheese. The perfect entertaining buddy.

Perfect Gifts for the Decor Enthusiast…

Holidays are for all things beautiful. You’ll catch these holiday-lovers sitting in front of the fire, having a moment to themselves and enjoying all the happy vibes of the holiday season. A perfectly trimmed tree, and lots of sparkle awaits all their visitors.

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  1. Gold foil on cotton. Maybe the most festively gorgeous pillow ever.
  2. Modern art takes menorah form.
  3. Sophisticated stockings! Shimmering sequins meets modern black and white.
  4. Oh Christmas Tree! Grab a few and make a festive forrest!
  5. Fluffy winter wreath fun.
  6. It’s a holly jolly multi-coloured modern Christmas!

Perfect Gifts for the Traditionalist…

These fine folks start ho-ho-ho-ing nice and early in the season. They love all the holiday cheer at this time of year, and If you pop over unannounced, you’ll likely be met with a smile and hot cocoa, complete with mini marshmellows.

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  1. Christmas is going to the dogs!
  2. Joy to the world! Let some LED lights brighten your holidays!
  3. Woodland creatures are the perfect addition to that cozy fireplace mantel.
  4. Deck the halls with nutcrackers in a snow globe!
  5. Hand-painted and retro. This little ride is perfect for holding family cards and photos.
  6. I believe in happy holidays! Frame your memories!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with a lot of cheer and a little sparkle too!

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A gift guide for the holiday lover in your life. Add a little sparkle and cheer into their festive world with 18 amazingly beautiful gift ideas!

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