‘Tis the season for decorating, and lights, and family, and eating too much. It’s also a time to remember not everyone is enjoying these things.

As I was stumbling around outside, in my thick snowpants, putting up some Christmas decorations, and feeling the cold as I kept taking my plush gloves on and off — I found myself grumbling under my breath that things were tangled, not perfect, burnt out, or not long enough.

But those feelings were quickly replaced with I HAVE gloves and snowpants to keep the cold out, some do not. I HAVE a home to decorate, some do not. My daughter has gifts under the tree this year, plenty of kids do not.

So, in the true spirit of the season, the Kiddo and I are sending out a good-natured Instagram challenge to help remind us all of the good we can do, in gestures big and small, in whatever way we can, to hopefully impact someone a little less fortunate this season, in a positive way.


First up. Santa’s Anonymous. The message is simple — to make sure that every child has a new toy for Christmas. This is right up the Kiddo’s alley.

The Kid isn’t even four yet, and she already has big support (besides her Mom)… the kind folks at Hape Toys gave my sweet girl her first Santa’s Anonymous Toy to donate, “My First Loom“. And, if we’re being totally honest? She kinda wanted to keep it. But, who wouldn’t? All that creative play, and sustainable goodness! What’s not to love?


But see that smile? She’s a quick learner, and was feeling the Christmas spirit, full force. On the way back out to the car, she was skipping, and talking about how happy the little kid who gets it, will be… I think she’s right.

We would be so honoured if you have some great giving ideas, or you’ve captured your giving in action, if you would share it with us on Instagram, by using the hashtag #fcgiving.

For my local peeps, here is the link for Santa’s Anonymous, they have a lot of drop off locations. And, there is still lots of time to donate before the pick-up dates!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everyone!


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