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I’ve been on a journey of teaching my (almost) 4 year old about a little holiday giving. My little bean has been accustomed to the month of December feeling very much “all about her”. Her birthday is on the 24th. We celebrate it a couple weeks early every year, so her special day doesn’t get lost in the Christmas celebrations.

Of course, her big party is swiftly followed up by Christmas (more presents), with a little special attention on Christmas Eve (her actual birthday), with a birthday song and maybe a candle on a cupcake.

That’s a lot of presents and attention — and it’s well-deserved, she’s a pretty fantastic kid. But, she’s old enough now to begin to understand, that not everyone is afforded the same opportunities as she is. And, the holiday season has been a great time to expose her to fun ways we can give back to our community, and feel good about helping others.

You can see her first mini adventure here.

And, here are her latest adventures:

We both had some very warm, beautiful winter coats we weren’t using anymore. A perfect donation with the United Way, to help keep someone else warm. This is a great one for kids to get involved in, to see a coat they actually owned, and to give it away with the understanding it was going to keep someone else warm, all winter long. Perfect. The lady at the donation centre was so sweet, and took the time to say thanks to the Kiddo.

Winter Coat Donation

Next up, was the Salvation Army donation kettles. In our digital and on-line world, I’m not sure the Kiddo had quite the understanding of dropping a $20 bill into the kettle, but it was another easy opportunity to help the community we live in, and another opportunity to have a conversation about why it’s fun to receive, but it’s also fun to give — and she got a free candy-cane for her efforts, so she was totally into it! ;)

Salvation Army Donation

From my family to yours — we wish you a safe, and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

How do you choose to give? #fcgiving


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