I love Halloween. It’s everybody’s chance to be a kid again, dress up, and make yourself sick from… Too! Much! Candy!!

Well, with just under a week to go, it’s time to get busy with some spooky decorating! Today’s project… Mad scientist experiments!

I wanted to keep to using items around the house for this project, so I used an egg for an eyeball, but I’m sure there are many great Halloween eyeballs out there in the stores for the season. Using markers, I decorated the egg, and then placed in a container with some yellow food colouring.

Then to make the water a bit frothy and more disgusting… I melted some marshmallows in the microwave, and mixed them in with the water. Adds a bit of grody texture!

And the best tip ever? I learned this one from Martha… use a hot glue gun to create spider webs!! So easy. Just make sure you start with a glue gun friendly base (I used a glass coaster). Then, I used a toothpick to carry the glue string from point to point. All of my containers are glass or steel, so it will be very easy to remove it all, come November. The finishing touch is a bit of cornstarch and cinnamon, as decades of dust, and a big juicy spider on top.

What is in the other spooky jars? I’ve got a pretend squid, with some dead vegetation from the garden, a handful of natural sliced almonds serve as toenails (ew!). And, some rice paper softened in water doubles as a big yucky snake skin! So fun. This display will have some scary lighting added, and will sit out on the front porch for all the kiddies to gawk at.

Do you have some great Halloween ideas?! Post some pics on our facebook page!

Happy Halloween all you ghosts and ghouls!

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