Okay okay, so it was last night… but we gotta get just one more post in. This one is about my discovery of large sheets of styrofoam available at your local hardware store. This stuff is so great for Halloween crafts, and is very affordable at around $10 or $12 a sheet. I decided to make a door surround, something a bit more aged and creepy looking than our cookie-cutter exterior.

I first mapped out an idea:

And then, took a few quick measurements of the door and transferred a rough drawing to the foam.

Be warned, this stuff makes a mess. You do NOT want to attempt this in your house!

Next, use a chisel to beef up your design…

and add a bit of spray paint for depth and texture.

To finish it off, we added some gauzy black material to the bottom, and ended up with something like this:

A very spooky front door. Reusable and easy to store for years to come, and a nice touch for the trick-or-treating kids on Halloween night. It definitely fit in with all the other sights and sounds around the house. Very fun!

Now, time to pack all this fun away. Until next year, my spooky friends!

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