Okay let’s take a little peek at the new place shall we? Well, some of it anyway.┬áCan you guess what room this is supposed to be?


Things were moving so fast on the first day I didn’t get a chance to snap an empty shot. If you guessed bedroom… you’re right! Here is a pic of the morning of day 3. At this point, we’re making some progress and feeling a little better. My fav sheets made it onto the bed and there’s room to walk around. Not too shabby…


Next up… the living room. We are getting pretty excited to enjoy this room and waiting for the couch at this point… but for now, we’re getting well acquainted with the floor. And, at about 5 minutes in, I had the paint chips up on the fireplace (new wall colour, comin’ up!).


Day five, and the living room is patched and ready to go! … and not much else to report… clutter and general moving chaos is throughout the rest of the house. Lots of work ahead of us… but, with all the work we’re putting in, we sure are sleeping well! Like a baby!


Gotta love a new adventure. <3


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