I know now why I need a headboard. I am on week 3 of waking in the middle of the night to find my pillow slowly slipping down in-between the wall and mattress. Maybe the monster under the bed really does exist, and he wants to eat my pillow??

Anyway, time to get ours mounted… and not to mention out of our way! I’ve stubbed my toe a few times on that thing (good thing its padded).

We have a homemade padded headboard. MDF, thick foam, cotton batting, and our fabric of choice (white vinyl), all stapled around the back.┬áMaybe you’re thinking of making one yourself? Here’s how we deal with ours.

We’ve got two cut pieces of wood on the back for mounting. They are both equal depth. One is for hanging (at the top of the headboard), and one is a spacer (at the bottom), to prop it off the wall.

DIY a custom hanging headboard

Pretty ugly at the back right? Good thing nobody ever sees this part. (Well, except for now).

We created our hanging bracket by slicing our chunk of wood into two pieces with a 45 degree angle. One piece is for the headboard and one is for the wall. Like this:

DIY a custom hanging headboard

Here’s a shot of the bracket screwed to the wall:

DIY a custom hanging headboard

Get your drill, level, and stud finder out. Find level, drill two screws into each stud, and the wall bracket is ready.

Slide on your headboard with the matching bracket. No need to secure it. Trust me, it’s not going anywhere. Studs not centred on the wall over your headboard? No problem, mine aren’t either, no one will ever see that your brackets aren’t centred on the back of the headboard. The beauty of the bracket, is it gives you lots of play from left to right.

DIY a custom hanging headboard

There, my pillows are staying put tonight! Sorry bed monster. I win this round.

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