Choices! Choices! Choices! Yes, once again the home gym is on my mind. So, the dividers are up, and the fabric choices have been made. So what is the right direction with paint? I spent some time staring at these options for a while, trying to figure out just that…

Phew! I think I’ve got it narrowed down a little bit. Exactly where and how I want to use the paint is up in the air, but this should be fun!

In the meantime, let’s ditch some of that “movie room” vibe outta my home gym! Bye-bye media shelving… and bye-bye movie screen…

Time to fill nail holes and prepare for paint!! Lighten and brighten will be the name of the game!

Share lo-res pics of your own projects here! I’d love to share with the rest of the class ;)

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    1. Fantastic Nat! I’m envious of all your room for folded sweaters etc. (I have to hang a little more than I would like). Time to hit up the hubby for some more shelving I think. Thanks for sharing that!! ;)

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