Today marks the next step toward having a better-functioning, better-looking home gym. As you may remember, we’ve got the room divider complete to help hide a bit of that clutter that comes along with a home gym. Now, it’s on to storage!

I picked up a small Maui storage bench at Jysk. But I also found this Tjusig bench at Ikea that would work with a few baskets.

Assembly was easy. It took approximately a half hour to complete.

The next step was to create a fabric cover, to protect the finish from the weights to be stored up top. (I should mention the Maui storage unit came with a top cushion for seating, but was too plush for my purposes).

Since this was a heavy use item, I chose to hem my fabric with Heat n’ Bond. I’ve used this product a few times in the past, and it works great for permanently sealing a hem with no danger of fraying. It’s a little more finicky than sewing, but it’s worth it. All you need is a hot iron and you’re ready to go.

Get your fabric ready, along with a measuring tape (or in my case I enjoy a metre stick). Add an iron, pins, and scissors… and let’s get started!

This is what we were stuck with before. A former coffee table demoted to the embarrassing job of holding up a few weights, protected by an old quilt. Almost not worth the space it takes up. Odds and ends were placed on the window sill above. Yep… can you see the inspiration to start with room dividers?! Pretty ugly stuff.

And now? Ahhh. Organization! Sweet, blissful, organization and order. Cubbies for our shoes, spare weights, and all the bits and babbles.

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.

No longer embarrassing to look at, neat and tidy. Dare I say, (especially with that Liz Claiborne fabric up top) attractive?

Have you got any great storage ideas or projects you’ve taken on? Share with us in the comments or on our facebook page! ¬†You can also email photos of your projects here, and you might just see your hard work in a future post, for all the world to see!

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  1. Such a great idea! It looks so neat and tidy now. Surprising you found something that is sturdy at Jysk…for some reason I feel like their stuff wouldn’t be that good, but you proved me wrong :)

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