So. This is my siding. Pretty right? All those custom stain details…


I kid, I kid… so the real story is we’ve been here a little over a year, and our first order of business for this Spring was to finish up our beautiful, big, new deck (I’ll be sharing that pretty soon on the blog).

But, when we pulled down our rotting, tiny, sad, old, deck — we discovered this little gem…


Blotchy stain drops, and smears from when the old deck was last painted. Oh joy of joys! This view is right in your face, in the middle of the house wall, when enjoying the new deck… kind of a problem.


We tried it all. The power washer, scrubbing with soap, scrubbing with steel wool, cleansers…. it wasn’t budging.

But look at it now!


The secret? Are you on pins and needles? Are your inner cleaning and organizing nerd levels increasing??? Ok… it was Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!


This is how you remove stains from siding! Can you believe that? It’s ALL GONE. Beautiful view restored! (…and on the cheap).


I spent a healthy half-hour scrubbing with a combination finger-nail picking, and butter-knife digging, to help get the stubborn bits out of some of the texture and divots in the siding.

Presto! Like brand new siding!

Now, to relive this excitement with the small deck on the other side of the house. Yippee!





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  1. I power washed my deck and the paint chips stuck onto my siding when I peeled them off it left a blotchy mark.
    Any idea what this is and will Magic Eraser fix?

      1. Did you notice any fading on the vinyl from using the magic eraser? Does that area still match the siding color on the rest of the house?

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