How we live Green #LiveBrighter

We hear it all the time. We’ve all got to live greener! That looks a little different to everyone, and I feel like I’m constantly learning new tips and tricks to improve, so I thought I’d share, some of the things we do around the ole’ Fresh Crush house, to live a little more green, and #LiveBrighter. Be sure to let me know in the comments what YOU are doing! I’d love to hear from you!

1. Rain Barrels

#LiveBrighter - Tips to live Green and Bright, in and around your home!

This one is HUGE! Literally. You might look at this picture and think we’ve gone a little overboard. Our acreage on a hill gives fantastic drainage, but also means when we’re having a dry month (June in Alberta, anyone??) … the little bit of real lawn we have, suffers. And, rather than using fresh water to pick up the slack when the rain clouds are playing hard-to-get… we use these giant rain barrels. Never mind the hundreds of buckets of water I use on my flowers and veggies! But of course, you don’t necessarily need 6. When we lived in our suburban home, one was more than enough to keep things green.

2. Save 20% on your Home Energy Costs

Using products like a smart thermostat can help you save cash! Did you know the Nest Thermostat has a “Auto-Away” function that senses when you’re away so you’re not heating and cooling an empty house?! There’s even a Nest App for your smart phone — we are living in the future, people! Direct Energy & Nest have teamed up to help you save — and, you can learn more about the partnership here:

3. Grow your Food

There is nothing better than home-grown food. This year has been dryer than most, but we still have plenty of salad veggies, my tomatoes are finally doing great, and peas are on their way! But my favourite gem in my little raised garden bed? Rhubarb! I’m a huge fan and man-o-man… with the home-made pancake toppings, and fresh rhubarb bounce cake? Wow! Having a garden is just win-win. No need for shipping and storage, and trips to the grocery store. It’s just waiting, fresh, and ready to go!

#LiveBrighter - Tips to live Green and Bright, in and around your home!

5. Get Rewarded with Your Energy Company

Making smart energy choices can also save you money! Don’t miss this — Direct Energy is offering a $75 pre-paid gift card, when you sign up with Direct Energy using the promo code “LIVEBRIGHTER75” until August 15th!

6. Change your Light Bulbs

I know you’ve heard this one a millions times, and maybe the cost of some of the LEDs and CFL bulbs makes you pause at the check-out line. But did you know that traditional incandescent bulbs waste 90% of their energy as heat? That is money being thrown away. New Compact Fluorescents and LED bulbs pay for themselves in a matter of months and last (almost) forever! Just investing in a few bulbs every other month will get your entire home switched over to this environmentally friendly option, in no time. And, the quicker you’ve traded in those energy-sucking relics, the sooner you’ll be saving cash.

7. Grow your own Flowers

This one most people do to some degree. But, do you plan perennials not only for their beauty, but their function? I love flowers like lilies, because they make fantastic cut flowers which saves money at the flower store! And, best of all, they make FANTASTIC gifts. Lilies will last for over a week, after they’ve been cut — even longer if you include a closed bulb in the arrangement. As long as the water is changed, that lily will bloom in your home for a longer lasting bouquet!

#LiveBrighter - Tips to live Green and Bright, in and around your home!

Hope you liked these Ideas today! Be sure to check in with Direct Energy for more tips on “How we live Green #LiveBrighter” and be sure to leave me your ideas in the comments. Love hearing from you!

#LiveBrighter - Tips to live Green and Bright, in and around your home!

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