Yes, Stone lyrics, on my blog. But hey, I really had a red door, and I wanted to paint it black… so, I did.

But, let’s remember, one. last. time. what this door originally looked like, because it is no more! Buh-bye weird snowflake door…


Hello, HFH Restore door! And, yep, it was red… well the interior side was. And, it was all scratched and dinged, so… painted it will be.


It’s a steel encased door with a wood interior… And, that makes it not so very trim-able. However, ‘the Mister’ managed to do it. It wood seem not all doors are created equal. New hinge slots also needed to be chiseled out. And… basically we were taking millimetres off the width at a time… and it was hard to do, and HEAVY, and… we didn’t know until it fit, that it was going to fit. Did I mention Steven did it ALL? And, that it made me so happy to be able to use, and keep, and LOVE this door?

Total pain-in-the-rear, but it’s up, and there it will stay. Ya-hoo!

Ok, so time to paint this thing. Remember the red was the interior, so the outside was this strange peachy bone colour? Ya. Not staying.


Before painting an exterior door, you might say to yourself, self… you should probably wash and sand and degrease this thing so the paint adheres, right? Me too… and all that washing and sanding and degreasing led to this:


And this:


I hear the ‘Homer’ scream every time I look at this photo. AHH! The good news? I noticed something weird and started tugging at the paint layer mere moments before I was about to start painting!

Needing to peel away the entire layer of old paint is bad. But, getting a sticky coat of new black paint on top of the old paint and discovering I would have to peel THAT mess away?… so much worse. Dodged a bullet guys!

Alright, crisis averted. Time to tape up the window inserts, and get painting…



… and painting… and painting…


For this project I chose Behr Marquee Paint. It is intended for exterior applications just like this… so I trusted it, and as it turns out, it’s held up great (we’ve been living with this painted door now for at least a month with no chips or scratches). This beauty took 4 coats to get it right, and about 3 days.


You may be wondering about the side-lights (small windows)… Truth is, I don’t mind them NEAR as much, with the new beautiful glass door, however, they are apparently easy to replace, and when the budget calls for it, I will probably replace those as well with clear glass. (Or, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to happen upon some pre-loved ones, one of these days).

I’m loving the new black door, coupled with the new wood columns on the porch (more on that one next time)… the curb appeal is rising!

But… notice anything missing?



Yep, that old rickety top balcony is gone. Yet, another project on the list…


But for now, lets enjoy where we’re at. Lovely rich black door, and natural wood porch. Progress!


So let’s update that curb appeal to-do list:


Meh, so there’s a few things left to do. But we’re getting there! Have you done any big exterior renos lately? Tell me about them! — Happy Summer everyone. <3


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