I am so glad my new linen closet looks like this now…linen-after

Because a little bit earlier, it looked like this…


Ouch. And this was after tackling it for an hour. Granted, if you’re organizing your linen closet at home you’re generally not hunting everything down in multiple cardboard boxes first… but you get the idea. The kiddo thought this was the best day ever.

This time around I used the “store matching sheets in the pillowcase trick”. I cannot believe I haven’t already done this. Martha was the first to share this little tidbit, but I’ve seen it floating around Pinterest too. And it really is a GREAT idea! Everyone can do this one!

Pop your flat sheet, fitted sheet, extra pillowcases and whatever else goes with your sheet set — into a pillowcase, and store in your closet. Presto! No hunting for that missing sheet ever again!

And, once again… kid approved.


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