I am definitely not the only one with creative blood in this house. My husband has some pretty incredible ideas (not to mention, he has saved me plenty of times when I’m not sure where to head with an idea, mid-project). I’m so happy to be sharing one of his grrrreeat ones today.

I mean… Get! Out! Look at this industrial shelving he just kinda whipped up over a couple days, in his free time, for about 120 beans.

DIY Industrial Shelving

I’m sad to say, that this beauty is in his office at work, and not in our home. Boo. But, it was so awesome, I had to make the trip down to his place o’ biz, to take some shots to share with you guys. (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

DIY Industrial Shelving

I got him to give me a little run-down of how he got it done:

The wood is about as chunky as it gets. He used 2 x 12 rough cut wood. It’s heavy too y’all. But sooo good. He used stain to get the shade he wanted but warns… the rough cut soaks up the stain, and takes a good long while to dry properly, but it’s totally worth it!

He used 2″ steel pipes, and all the elbows are cast iron. He intended to use our pipe threader to piece everything together (which is likely the easier way), however, he broke our dang pipe threader! Whoops. So, he switched gears and started welding. Not a good mix apparently to weld steel to cast iron, it’s difficult to get a good seal, however, because this is a cosmetic project, and we’re not running a gas or water line, it’ll do just fine. Plus — I like how rough it looks.

He used metal strapping to attach the shelves to the pipes, and secure the shelving
to the wall into the studs.  He achieved this all for approx. $120. Not bad, right?

DIY Industrial Shelving

Speaking of his creativity… that little robot, on the right, (beside Mr. Retro Robot) is his creation too. Yeah. He’s pretty rad.

DIY Industrial Shelving

Loving this, and I’ll likely be asking for something similar at home… to help contain a few media components, possibly?

Got any industrial storage ideas you’ve put together at home? I’d love to see and share!! Email me, Instagram me, or find me on Pinterest (my favourite!).


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