This may be the only makeover in history (my history anyway), where the only tool necessary –– was a hammer.

Remember this dresser? Yeah. The Kiddo’s first. It had a pretty big makeover back in the day. As I remember, this dresser had been through 4 little kids before Miss O (a hand-me-down)… and it was showing it’s age. One drawer was beyond repair. But other than that, it was hanging in there. Not suitable for a toddler anymore… but I was sure it still had a place somewhere.


Then I remembered our little TV set-up in the downstairs rec room. It was a little sad, with the TV and components lined up on an old coffee table in the corner. This could work out.

Enter the hammer. Let’s convert this dresser to a media cabinet!


4 drawers were fine. So I decided to fashion the top two drawer spaces into shelving for our TV components. This was easy. If you want to follow along at home, here are the instructions:

1. Grab hammer.

2. Smash hammer into busted up drawers.

3. Throw away pieces of drawers except for the drawer face.

4. Place drawer face on drawer slider rails to create shelf.

5. Use new shelves.


Oh, and maybe drill some holes for your component wiring.



Yep. That’s it. Makever, hammer-style. I could get used to this!


If only they were all this easy.



dresser-turned-tv-stand-textThe surviving drawers are great for the extra remotes, cables, and kid movies. Perfecto.


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