So, I have FINALLY got the old desk ripped out of my dining room, and we have our new vintage china cabinet in place (I’ll post on that soon). Our dishes are fitting in there … so. much. better. However, it left me with a few shelf inserts, I wasn’t using anymore.

What to do with them? I have been on a purging, and organizing mission around here in recent weeks, so there was no way I was putting them in storage. They were getting donated, or repurposed. And, Repurposing is so fun! (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

DIY, Jewelry storage with an Ikea, Variera Shelf.

Then, it came to me, while I was doing some more purging and organizing in my closet… Remember, our lovely Pax? Welp, I have a spot where I keep my jewelry in there. But, it was always in a jewelry box, and when things are in boxes, and I can’t see them? They don’t get worn. Eureka! My shelf inserts!

DIY, Jewelry storage with an Ikea, Variera Shelf.

The IKEA – Variera Shelf Insert, was PERFECT for earrings and necklaces! Open, beautiful storage, where, at-a-glance, I can see everything I own. Make quick decisions about what I want to wear that day. And, best of all… everything has it’s own space!

DIY, Jewelry storage with an Ikea, Variera Shelf.

See all those pretty flower like perferations? Amazing for earrings, and more than enough space. Plus, I had an old bracelet hanger, that wasn’t being used, that was the perfect pair for my new “Jewelry Storage and Ikea Hack”. A few finishing nails, hammered into the sidewalls of my Pax, made quick work of the rest of my necklaces.

DIY, Jewelry storage with an Ikea, Variera Shelf.

My grandmother’s mirrored tray is the perfect spot for keeping rings. Having everything in my actual closet, is the best spot, too. While I’m choosing an outfit, I can choose a necklace or earrings to finish off my look, all at the same time.

DIY, Jewelry storage with an Ikea, Variera Shelf.

The Variera Shelf is my new best friend. And, I’m happy to report, I really AM wearing my sparkly stuff more often! And the old jewelry box? It’s found a new home on my daughter’s dresser — and, she is, dress-up crazy, right now, so she is having a blast keeping all her “princess stuff” in there! Win-win!

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  1. This really makes your jewelry look pretty no wonder you wear them more, I would too! Thanks so much for pinning it to the P3 Party Board! I am featuring you Friday on the P3 Party! So look for a little traffic from me on social media!

  2. Fantastic idea Jen! When it comes to wearing baubles, it’s out of sight out of mind for me. This would remedy that issue. I’m also in a mega purging mood this year and it has its own hashtag: #decumulate2015 (:

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