A fresh find today! And, it’s a good one.

There is something shiny and new sitting on my kitchen counters these days. No really, it’s literally shiny and new. We decided to kick the fruit and veggie intake in our household up a notch and start juicing.

After doing my research I landed on the Omega J8006, (this post was not sponsored in any way) and the number one reason this was the winner? It seemed easy to clean. Easy to clean = I will actually use it. Does that make me sound lazy? Meh, I am when it comes to cleaning small appliances.

So… drumroll… here it is…


And there is all the fruit and veggies used for the first run. Made about 4-5 glasses. And it was TASTY!


Everything stayed nice and tidy, and it was truly easy to take apart and clean. 5 minutes tops for clean-up.


And of course the reward. But… after some experimenting, I will share my favourite recipe to date:

1 beet (and, I don’t eat beets)
2 carrots
1 apple
1 lemon
and a handful of fresh pineapple

So, a VERY fresh find today! We’re really liking it so far… and I guess it makes fresh pasta too… I’ll have to try that one of these days.

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