Let’s have a little light-hearted fun with a new monthly feature! Time to spend a little time with Vol. 1: “Keeping It Real – The Kiddo”

I am guilty. In this high tech, everything at your fingertips world… in this Pinterest land, where all great things can be accomplished with a click of your trackpad, and a quick visit to the hardware store… in this bubbles, candy and confectionary perfection universe, where unicorns must live (somewhere), and not a single tear is shed while mothering your perfect little angels…. I am guilty.

Guilty of perpetuating the notion that any of this exists in my own home. Now, let’s be honest, I’m running a home decor and DIY blog here. It is expected that I’m showing you some, straight-up, awesome, projects. Right? And, I love it. I love all the painting, and the planning and the building… and after it’s all done, all the styling, and taking all the pretty pictures.

But, let’s be real. I take about 50 photos (maybe more) for every post I write. Each photo is carefully selected and edited before I ever hit, publish. And, behind the scenes? There is a lot of — nudging the un-pretty out of frame, lots of baskets to collect the chaos temporarily, so I don’t actually need to clean anything. A lot of “don’t touch that!” to my poor 4 year old that just wants to examine that new shiny thing, mom just brought into the house. And, yes, I distract her with cartoons so mommy can have her moment to get that perfect shot. Something like this…

Keeping It Real - The Kiddo, a new monthly feature on Fresh Crush where we revisit our rooms, AFTER the makeover...

So, in honour of my lovely readers (that’s you), some of whom may experience Pinterest depression from time-to-time (I know I do). My readers who love the pretty things, love the inspiration, love and appreciate the effort that goes into a typical blog post… but maybe want to see the “popped over unannounced” view of my home, this is for you.

A new monthly feature where we’ll revisit a once blogged upon, and photographed spot in my home, and revisit it with a more everyday eye. AKA, I’ll photograph it without any cleaning or styling, and you’ll see how un-perfect things can be around here. Sounds good? Sounds a little embarrassing? Is it making me a little nervous? Yep. Well, good. Because I’ve learned every time something scares me a little… I am on the precipice of learning something, and that’s always a good thing.

First up! ^^The Kiddo’s room^^ (Did’ja see it up there?). Yep… easing my way into this for the first post — because I am fully aware some of you kind people out there do not expect a kids room to look clean… Like, ever. And, I love you for it. So let’s take a trip down memory lane to when I first posted about this little beauty

Keeping It Real - The Kiddo, a new monthly feature on Fresh Crush where we revisit our rooms, AFTER the makeover... I even captured the first moment the Kiddo saw her new room… and the last time it would ever be this tidy.

Pretty nice, right? This does not look like a bedroom that ever smells weird. It’s almost magical. The bed is neatly made, there’s that lovely reading nook… I can see the carpet…

Reality check time, how was it looking today during my sneak photo attack?

Keeping It Real - The Kiddo, a new monthly feature on Fresh Crush where we revisit our rooms, AFTER the makeover...

Actually, the reading nook isn’t half bad… other than the fact that it’s EMPTY! I know all of these books are scattered around here somewhere, maybe under her bed… Oh! and, under her pillow. You’d think she’d find that uncomfortable, but whatever, she’s 4. (I love how she’d decorated with her artwork, though). I see the cubby is empty too… that should have a basket filled with this tube building toy that has about a bazillion pieces… likely in the living room… Ok… so far so good, what else ya got, Kiddo?

Keeping It Real - The Kiddo, a new monthly feature on Fresh Crush where we revisit our rooms, AFTER the makeover... Hmmm, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked her to keep her drawers closed — one of these days she is going to charlie horse herself of one of those things. I’m pretty sure, even the curtain rod is crooked (I’ve only noticed now that I’ve taken this picture), and the only stitch of bedding regularly on her bed is the fitted sheet. I’m not sure where the rest of it goes?! I’ve stopped trying to make it.

But all-in-all… Yep, it’s a kid’s room! Coin banks and puzzles, lots of pink and weird princess lights, a kitty calendar and stuffies taking total control. She’s HAPPY and that’s exactly how we like it.

Notice the recent change to the big girl bed, and yep, a bigger dresser, because little miss is getting bigger everyday, and so are her clothes. Yes, I totally plan on giving that kijiji find a little makeover!

So, there you have it. She’s a happy and healthy girl, living in her untidy world, and we love her. What more do we need right? See? Not always pristine, but actually, not so bad. It’s a house of love, and that’s what matters.

See you next month, my lovelies!

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  1. LOVE this Jen! The blogging world needs an authentic voice with a healthy dose of reality once in a while, you know? And I’m dying to see what you do with that dresser!!!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! Ever pause before you hit publish? Haha… I’m looking forward to that dresser too. I’ve been wanting to dive in for a long time! ;)

    1. Ha ha, thanks Laurel. Her new bed is Ikea! It was so great for her to transition into, as it has a bit of a mock bed-rail built in. And, totally affordable… love that bed. :)

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