Progress is goooood! Last we saw little Miss’ closet we had a plan for a nook, and some drywall up.

(Oh, and the wall was still Pepto-Bismal pink).

closet reading nook

So after framing, building, taping and sanding our fantastic new interior wall, we could break out the primer and paint.

diy closet reading nook

diy closet reading nook

Ooooooooh, Ahhhhhhh… look at that Benjamin Moore Barnboard paint! But wait! This is not about paint today, it’s about the nook! Forget you saw anything — onward to the first nook project!

diy battery powered sconce lights

Remember these pretty planters? I found them in the outdoor department of IKEA. They’re perfect!

A couple of “moon glo” lights, some industrial strength velcro, and batteries are all thats needed to finish off this project.

It’s really this simple. Batteries go in the lights, adhesive velcro gets applied to the back of the light, and finally the light gets attached to the bottom of the flower pot, –er, sconce! It is NOW a sconce.

diy battery powered sconce lights

Because the lights are push-lights, and battery powered, there is no electrical skills needed. No opening walls, no costly investment. Just two pretty lace sconces for a grand total of (less than) 20 bucks.

I pulled out my trusty EZ hooks again (I first fell in love with them here). They worked perfect for hanging, because of the pots lace design.

diy battery powered sconce lights

The Kiddo helped measure out where they should hang. We’re installing a bench and a cushion, so it looks a little high now… you’ll see where we’re going with this…

diy closet reading nook

Thanks Kiddo!

kids diy closet reading nook

Seeeee? Soft, pretty, light for the kiddo, and (once she can reach them), she can operate them herself. I suspect I may find these turned on at night when I check in on her (turkey!).

diy battery powered sconce light

diy kids closet reading nook

Ok. So at this point, she is saying…. um, Mom… too high! What were you thinking? Never fear! Here is the plan!

I found a nightstand with a drawer and cubby at Target. Some assembly required…

diy kids closet reading nook
diy kids closet reading nook
diy kids closet reading nook

Here it is in place. The drawer and cubby were a perfect fit for the opening to her closet nook.

There is empty space in the closet beside the cabinet. We plan to build supports into the wall, and create a wide bench, taking up that entire side of the closet, then frame out the front with moulding to create a “built-in” look,  a seat cushion and nice storage basket will finish it off for the munchkin.

diy kids closet reading nook

Here is a rather wacky looking plan — but using your amazing, imaginative mind, I know you can look past the crazy neon pink and measle-like polka dots…

A little more work to do. But, it’s coming along nicely.

(Did you notice the sliding doors are up? We’ll take a better look at those with the new paint tomorrow!)

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  1. Really cute!! Have you considered swapping the drawer to the bottom then cover the pullout drawer itself with a board? This would give her a stepping stool that would pullout for her use, then when she’s finished reading she simply pushes the stool/drawer back into the cabinet. Just an idea. ;-)

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