It all begins here (forgive the strange angle, we took this photo during one of our pre-move visits). This big furniture might be gone, but the day we moved in, this closet stayed the same.

Three, big, heavy, mirrored doors for a little two year old wasn’t going to work. Plus, she’s so rough and tumble, even if she could manage the door on her own, I was nervous it would come off the tracks or the mirrors would shatter. Never mind the 1970’s flare.

mirrored closet doors

She absolutely loves her books, and I started to get inspired during a few Pinterest visits. I mean, how cute are these???

reading nook

Image from Thrifty Decor Chick


reading nook

Image from Mama Papa Bubba

So let’s get those closet doors off and see what we’re dealing with. It is a GREAT size closet. I sure would of appreciated all this space when I was a kid! I decided to partition off a section with a new wall. Here it is framed out…

diy reading nook

And then drywalled, ready for mud. The smaller space on the left will be “the nook”. We’ve got plans to keep it open, build a bench with storage, add some comfy cushions, book storage, and a really cute DIY lighting experiment with no need for new electrical (excited to get to that one!)

diy reading nook

So what are our door options anyway? Affordable was a must — we didn’t want this turning into a runaway cash train. I found this sliding door set with hardware for around $100 depending on the size you buy. However… the doors were a little plastic-y. Looking a little… cheap? Certainly wanted to keep looking.

sliding closet door

Then I found this track system for $20!

closet door rail system

And then snagged a couple hollow wood doors for around 38 beans each! So.. still around $100, with the same quality door as her main bedroom door (same bevel pattern too!) — it was win-win.

hollow wood closet door

There is a lot of work ahead of us still… but I’m excited for the pay off! I think this is gonna be a goooood onnnnnne!


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