The Kiddo had a little update in her room recently, in her little closet reading nook… but in case you missed it the first time around, let’s have a little refresher…

She had a biiiig closet — 8 feet across, so we thought it might be fun to section off a little closet, seat / cubby / nook / special spot… just for her.

diy partition for reading nook

This was the partition wall we built to partition off a 2 foot nook.


Annnd, this is the part where Lil’ Miss was a bit confused about where I chose to hang her little battery powered sconces. But, not to worry little lady… there was a plan…


Here she is helping Dad with the plan. I love this picture — look at her little feet as these two DIYers put together the shelf and cabinet for the “seating” part of her reading nook.


Yep. DIY is in her blood.

kids closet reading nook

OK, so here is where we left things off last time. Lighting, check. Seating, check. Reading nook, kinda.

pluggis ikea bathroom storage

The reading part requires some books, and somewhere to put them. I found these perfect little wall storage boxes in the bathroom section of IKEA. The Pluggis…  let’s do this!

kids reading nook

They have a small rail that drills into the wall, and then the boxes slip easily on and off the rail. (PS – I also put the smaller boxes in my washroom on the wall to hold my makeup and small toiletries… and they are great!)

kids reading nook in closet

Aww! Things are looking pretty cozy in there. She’s got a basket of stuffies within reach there, and a drawer (that she chooses to keep loaded up with her wooden train set)… everything a growing girl needs.


Our awesome little sconces we had hanging there, proved to be a little tricky for her to switch on and off. Leading to some wasted batteries. So….

hook to hang lighting

I found these amazing battery operated pull lights, and decided to switch them out for her. I hung a simple ring from the ceiling (found at the hardware store), to hang the new improved lighting from.

kikkerland pull lights in reading nook

So much easier for the little Lady. A little tug on each light turns them on and off. A little more control for her, and a few less wasted batteries for us. Win – win.

reading-nook-with lighting

Build a DIY reading nook!

And, there we go. She loves it, It’s cozy. And, there’s plenty of reading, and hide-and-seek happening in there. Love it!

What do you think? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect solution for our closet underneath the stairs for two years now! This is just the inspiration I needed! Love it!

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