Finally cleaned up the desk in our dining room… ahhhhhh…


It started out something like this (this, would be the “Keeping it Real” part of the post) …


OY! This was the dumping ground for all the things we’ve been needing, and using the first couple weeks in the new digs. And, all the things we had no idea what to do with yet. But, the fog is clearing, so I was ready to tackle this little corner.

This meant I needed to find a home for all of this:


and this:


Dang! At first I thought it would take forever. But, I made a little plan, got it down on paper, and it ended up making a lot of sense.


After about an hour and a half, it was looking pretty good.


There was even time to add a bit of paper to the backs of the open shelving. Measure twice, cut once people! (Remember the Ribba).


This got me inspired. Now that everything was cleared up and looking tidy, I thought, this wall would actually be a pretty great spot for a paint stencil or wallpaper.

Plus, for the last few days, I’ve been pretty convinced I would like to go glossy black for these cabinets. It would help break up the connection to the kitchen cabinets across the room.

So I played around a little bit and (forgive my quick photoshopping), came up with this…


Never mind the ghost chair. But you get the idea, ya?

I also LOVE the combination of yellow and grey. Remember this? And, this?

So I started collecting a few wallpaper ideas. Graphic and modern? Soft and a little traditional? Geometric and a bit retro? Hmmm… this could be fun!


Interested in any of these papers? Here’s the links:

WoodsBerry FlowerPeonyHexagon


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  1. very nice ideas and organizing. I’m giving some of your Bibs to babies, one boy and one girl, I’ve just made them a litter fatter on the bottom. Awesome idea, thanks!

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