Okay, okay… so the laundry room is not the most important room in the house. But, if you’re a laundry nerd like me (ie: you enjoy folding a warm fluffy towel to even perfection), you’ll appreciate this one. No one says it can’t be pretty where the work is done. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with…


Alright. It’s functional. The equipment is there. It’s organized, but far from pretty. Time for a Laundry Room – Before and After!


I think a patterned wall is in order. I start by drawing out a stencil onto some acetate paper and cutting the pattern out with a blade. This will be nice and strong to handle repetitive uses over the entire wall.



NOTE: Keep a level handy to make sure you’re not veering off course. An easy symmetrical design like this one makes it easy to keep ‘er steady. I did my second coat by hand to paint over the gaps left by the tabs holding on the centre portion of the stencil, and to smooth over any small mistakes.

Here’s how she turned out.


A coordinating chair adds some function –– it’s handy for holding some freshly folded laundry, or yourself if you’re gonna be stuck in there a while!


Luckily our laundry room shares a wall with our living room, (which is also in the process of a renovation –– stay tuned!) so we took this opportunity to wire all components necessary for the TV into the laundry room. This great new racking system from Rubbermaid has a shelving unit (pictured here), which we decided to house all of our said components. Add a radio frequency remote (the signals fly through walls), and you’re golden!


Home Sense came through with some great storage baskets.


A simple addition of some accent paint, the same colour used for our patterned wall, adds some cohesion to the room.


A few finishing touches –– a very reasonably priced bamboo mat from Superstore, new ironing board cover from Walmart (maybe $10), and a mirror I already had in storage got a fresh coordinating coat of paint, and we’re done. Organized and lovely. A perfect combination.

Do you have a project you’re proud of? A fantastic idea? Or, source of great inspiration? Email me, I’d love to share it, and get inspired from it!

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  1. I love. love your look here! What are your colors?…they are the perfect combo that I’m looking for for my sons nursery.

    1. Hi Cori. The yellow colour is Benjamin Moore 2154-40 York Habor Yellow. It’s the perfect yellow – not too bright and not too bossy. The grey has been there for years. It was a General Paint colour #8764M (which I believe is only in Canada?)… but it is a warm medium Grey. (Think clay-brown undertones). Thanks so much! I’d love to see how you make out with your nursery!

  2. I am also curious about the lift that you have under your washer and dryer…see I don’t have pedistals either and we are about to make the laundry room into a more usable space and this is what we were thinking of doing also. Is is a wood frame that you covered with flooring?

    1. Yep, its framed out with wood, we tiled the top portion to stand up to any water damage that could possibly occur. The drain is up there too… it’s worked really well for us. Thanks Lisa!

  3. Came over from Design Sponge and I love what you’ve done to your laundry room! I like the fact that you created the added height without needing to add pedestals. Must save that for our next home. Lovely blog by the way!

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