2013 is poised and ready to be another big year in our house. Or, should I say in our next house? Yep, after six happy years in our current maison — we’re moving on!

This house was our first go at new construction. We made every decision right down to the itty bitty details of electrical outlets and moulding choices. This house is sitting on a cul-de-sac in a great family neighbourhood — it was definitely a big decision to leave.

So why are we leaving anyway?? Well for us, we have a couple reasons for moving on. 1. We plan to add to our family in the next couple years, and think it would be ideal to have a home with 3 bedrooms on the same floor, or at least a bit closer to one another (our current house has 1 bedroom in the lower level).  2. We would love to try acreage living (or as close to it as we can get), with mature trees, more green space, and that feeling of a bit more privacy in our home, and on our property. So… off we go!

As you can imagine, this decision doesn’t happen over-night, and the process, all-in-all, can take a fair bit of time. Surprisingly, the sale of our house was not one of those things! It sold in a grand total of 6 days. Which meant… we are moving sooner than we thought! We actually HAD a house lined up that we ended up losing in a multiple-buyer situation. And, that, was a bummer… onward!

So far, losing the last house has ended up working out for the best (isn’t that just how it goes sometimes?). But, as our next purchase is still a work-in-progress… I’m going to keep mum about it for just a little longer.

If all goes well, we should have many happy years ahead, in an ideal space, with lots of fun projects, painting, diy, and changes on the horizon. We’re definitely excited and I very much look forward to sharing it all here on the blog. No matter what the turn-out, I know like a spry kitty, we will land on our feet, and end up just where we’re supposed to be.

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