Yep, opened up a big ol’ can of worms for the new year. The main bath is functioning but it needs some upgrading. A little love, a little personality — without a huge cost. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with beautiful fixtures and glass tiles and quartz this or that… but, reality is, we need function for an entire family of 3 (hopefully of 4 someday soon).

It needs to get messy and cleaned up fast and easy. It needs to take a beating, and keep shining. And if something goes wrong or gets broken… we want to be able to replace it at a reasonable price. So, it will be repurposing, big box stores, no custom anything, and definitely DIY.

old bathroom vanity and light

At first glance, not so bad right? But at closer inspection, the sink is marked up, seal is grubby, the faucet and light fixture aren’t our style, the counter is stained, the mirror is damaged and old.


About the only thing staying put is the shower curtain, I fell in love with that one when I bought it, and it’s great for pulling paint colours. But, if it’s flagged, it’s changing. Paint, lights, knobs, everything down to the light switches. The cabinet is staying, but it’s getting a paint update… excited about that one!

old bathroom vanity

Floor is going too. Remember the foyer? The same old lino was in the bathroom, and we found an affordable faux cork lino, that will update it quite nicely without breaking the budget.

And, the old tub and tub surround? It’s water stained (tends to happen with well water), it was lined with MDF footboard moulding, and has just seen better days. It will need an update and it’s going to go…


Or, should I say, it’s already gone! DONE! Get outta here!

ripped out tub and shower

Can. Of. Worms. Wish us luck!



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