Mmm… kay. I have issues. Namely dresser issues. And, if it’s mid-century and in distress… then, I’m toast.

I can’t help myself. I KNOW I’m running out of room to put dressers in my home. But, I continue to enter second-hand stores, and I continue to rescue these poor, forgotten wardrobes.

And, here’s another. (An American of Martinsville piece… any furniture nerds out there, know a little about this guy)?


He was so rough, but pretty. Every single drawer slide was a crumpled hunk of scrap metal. Nothing was gliding or sliding. The drawers were in a heap, and some of the hardware was falling off. But, I had a feeling — even though this guy didn’t “show” very well, I could bring him back to life. So I took a chance. Paid my $60, and took him home.


Ouch. See what I mean? All of the slides were broken, with these gouged up shards of metal, from all the abuse. Poor dresser.


Not to mention all the slides and hardware looked like they had a previous repair attempt, with a bunch of hardened goop. No screws… just goop.


The goop was everywhere. But, when I removed all of the broken drawer slides, I was sure that was the biggest issue. So, if I could find the right replacements, I’d be golden.


And I did, for a little under $30, I found 6 new wooden slide rails, and 6 new plastic drawer hangers.


The only trick was the new hangers, were a little wider than what was previously there. So, a little customization was in order. Dremel to the rescue! In a few minutes, I had all 6 drawers ready to go.


The new drawer hangers fit perfectly.old-rails

And I was ready to trash the old, rusty, bent-up, metal scraps!


The new drawer slides just needed a little trim, and I was able to use the old metal ones as my template. Easy peasy.


Some pre-drilled screw holes prevented the wood from splitting before screwing them into place on the dresser frame.


Ahhh! Look at that! Already so much better. Sturdy, clean, and no deadly, pokey metal pieces, to hurt myself on… win-win.


A couple new screws fixed up my droopy hardware situation too… And, there it is! What a handsome devil. See? It just needed a little love, and an appreciative eye.hardware-detail

I mean, get outta town… look at that hardware?!

All problems solved.

Oh… except for when I look at the horrible room this new handsome boy is living in. It’s supposed to be a future nursery… but it’s currently a junk storage room.

How many extra lamps does one family need anyway!!? Well, let’s count ’em…


Oh, we’re not done… that was just the left side… let’s just peer over to the right side of the room…


Oh, two more… FOUR LAMPS! Yep… Totally reasonable. Who’s with me?!!

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  1. I landed an amazing find and it is in nearly perfect operating condition. I suspect most people would use it as is, but that’s not my style. I got a Drexel set for $150. I’m over the moon excited to clean it up and restore it. I have 3 drawers that are missing a small wooden almost L shaped piece at the end of the track at the back of the dresser along with 3 or four tiny plastic drawer stops on the front.
    Where can I find replacements? I mean I don’t know if I’m even using the correct terminology. I’d love to send pics for you to see what I’m talking about.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I found a cheap dresser and wanted to use it for my husband on our closed in front porch as sort of a drop zone for all his junk. My dresser was missing the metal slide on the drawer but the wooden attachment on the dresser is fine. I’m hoping this is my solution.

  3. Thank you for putting this website up. I have this same exact dresser and a matching bureau plus two matching night stands. I need to repair 6 drawers. Need 3 new brass handles (the small size handles) found on the top two drawers of the bureau. Also need the wooden rails and plastic hangers. Do you know where I can find them?

    Many many thanks. I love this furniture,

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for the visit, Darla! I’m not sure about the hardware, that might be a tough find. Maybe try online buy and sell’s like Etsy or Ebay? As for the rails and hangers, you should be able to find them at most hardware stores, or if you’re having trouble, try and have it delivered. Good luck! :)

  4. thank you! I have an old Bassett dresser I’ve held on to for years cause I knew someday I could figure out how to fix the drawers. Did you order yours from

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