Oops, I did it again

I may have found myself at a local garage sale this weekend. And, I may of come home with truck full of gems. I may have… I did.

But look… how pretty is she?! I’ve been waiting for a great mid-century modern china cabinet to cross my path.


She needs a little bit of work. The previous owner said it was very loved, but got a lot of sun over the last 50 years. It belonged to his Grandmother and he was happy to hear I was planning to bring it back to life.


I mean look at what was behind the first drawer pull? Wow. That’s what all those years will do!

I’ve only had her 24 hrs, but I couldn’t resist getting a start on some sanding already, and it is cleaning up so nicely!


Oh, and did I mention that gorgeous cabinet came with 6, yes 6(!) beautiful Hepplewhite chairs?!

This will be quite. the. project. Excited to see how it goes!



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