So, we’ve all seen the copper shoe rack, but there have been a few new updates in that same little corner of the house. See? (And, yep, still no baseboards).

farmhouse window foyer

But for now, lets start with #1. I found 2 great old farmhouse windows from a local bargain searcher. I totally fell in love with the shape, so I couldn’t leave them behind, but I had no idea at the time what I was going to do with them. (PS – I totally had to photoshop my reflection out of this image… wearin’ my jammies).

farmhouse window

Then, I started working on my front foyer, an epic saga… and remembered, hey, I hate my garage man-door! It’s beat up, has an ugly chain on it, zero architectural detail, very standard ugly door, I could dress it up a little.


The plan started with paint. I have some fabric picked out for a bench on the other side of the foyer, and so I had paint matched to one of the colours within it. Cohesion. Always a good idea right?

paint a farmhouse window

So, I taped it up, and painted it down. (This was my first time using Frog Tape, btw, and it worked great)!


All was going so well, until I hung it… and I hated it. “Thumbs down! Booooo! What were you thinking?” … All appropriate responses to this little number.


I was bummed out about how the paint (especially in such a modern colour), erased the history of the window. It wasn’t fitting in to my modern farmhouse vibe. However, there is a little something about lemons and lemonade, and instead of ending up with a destroyed window, I took a stab at it from another angle…

foyer with farmhouse window

(Ignore my still unfinished wall painting). I flipped it over to the unpainted side. Still in its original state, and suddenly… I looooved it! Now, I had all the history I was hoping for, a fantastic addition of character to my old ugly door, and STILL incorporated the colour from my bench fabric. YES!

farmhouse window and barn board

And, because, my wall paint is still obviously in progress… lets turn to the magic of photoshop to finish the painting to get a better idea of where this is all heading. Yes, little window, you will fit in just fine. Love it when a problem turns into a happy mistake!


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