Ok. So here’s a fun little one. As a busy Mom of this ridiculously cute kid (that’s us at the corn maze this year), I noticed something…


I wear a lot of ponytails. Like, A LOT. Probably too many.


See me camping?


See me at the museum?


See me in PARIS?!

Yeah, maybe it’s time to put down the paintbrush, or the sander, or my kid for that matter, and have a little me time. A little “pick-me-up”… so here it goes, or there it goes, I guess is more fitting…


Wait for it…



layered bob haircut


layered bob haircut

Hi new hair-do. I hope we have fun together.

Take this post as a reminder to pay a little attention to yourself today. Have a hot tea in sweet silence. Watch your favourite tv show. Go for a walk… or slice your hair off. Whatever floats your boat.


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  1. REALLY LOVE IT!! I have the ponytail addiction too! I have waist length hair. I am getting awfully close to 40.. I was thinking I am too old for long hair. I hate short hair though. What if you have a bad hair day.. or the wind is blowing.. my son has long hair.. my hair can’t be shorter! EVERY excuse. This is a big vote on the cut it side.

    1. Aww thanks Kristi! But hey, you’re never too old for anything, whether you’re talking hair length or skydiving! Gotta say I love short hair though. Feels so good, and the hair products are fun. :) Take care!

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