I’ve mentioned how awesome our neighbours are before… and they’ve come through again. We got this great hand-me-down and I decided to refinish it while I have the time (since everyone keeps telling us we’ll have none when we have a family).

Here’s how she started out:



I wanted to get the top down to the wood. There was a few coats of paint hiding under there. I began attacking it with a paint stripper…. but only got so far.


But, then it was time for the big guns — the belt sander. That got me right down to the wood.



Picked up some new hardware and paint. The paint is a soft celery colour (Behr Premiun Plus 380F-4 Ground Ginger). The stain on the top and front is Minwax Golden Oak.


Those little giraffes had their own mini-makeover as well. Here they are before:


They started out pretty glossy. So, they needed a good sanding before paint. Here is how they turned out after a fresh coat of paint. I used Behr Premium Plus in S-G-360 Bright Star, for a good pop of colour.




Picked up this set of hooks from Ikea ($3.99) for a bit more storage and interest.


What do you think? Share your own projects by sending low-res photos here.

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  1. Hello there! I just came across your blog this morning. Love surfing the net on summer vacation. The words “nursery” and “adoption” jumped out at me. I just finished revamping an antique children’s chair for our little dude/dudette when they come home from Ethiopia sometime in the future.

    P.S. Your dresser looks great. Love the giraffes. :)

    Here is the link to my little project:


  2. love it! i never would of thought to do the 2 tone- very cool. you should post pics. of the rest of the room. I’m trying to start decorating my own nursery and could use some inspiration. :)

    1. Hey Meagan, it’s definitely a work in progress. But there are some more images of what has been completed so far, here. I would love love love to see how you make out with your own nursery if you’re not too shy to share. Low res images can be emailed here. Thanks for the visit, and good luck!!

  3. This is really adorable. The natural wood is so complimentary for a nursery. I got an electric sander one week ago, after so much time sanding by hand, and am in dusty heaven!

  4. Love that you took it back to its wood origins. So clean and simple Where did you find that BOOK bookends?! I’ve been searching for something just like those, with no luck.

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