Yippee! We finally found a nice big dining table. Thanks to Kijiji, and thanks to the adorable family that had to let it go. They said there were a lot of good memories attached to this table, and they were sad to see it go, but I was happy to inherit the good energy.

I had been on a bit of a hunt for a while. We’ve been doing a lot of the big family holiday hosting lately and I was getting a little tired of smashing all of us into our spots at our old dining table. It was pretty cozy for 8 adults, and not to mention some of the little ones aren’t so little anymore. Time for a good ol’¬†Oak Dining Table Makeover!

This baby sits 10 comfortably and our breakfast bar seats the 3 little guys just fine, with room to spare.


However. This table has seen some love. The top is due for a complete refinishing. But, she’s sturdy.

So I’ve been thinking… dark stain with white legs?


Yellow painted legs? (There are a lot of yellow accents in the adjacent living room, and I’ve been looking to bring it into the kitchen/dining room).


Fully painted, white top, yellow legs?


It’s fair to say I’ll be pondering this one for a little while. But in the meantime, I have chairs!

And, holy moly, what a deal! I have seen this chair going for over $200 each. JYSK had a sale and 6 of these little pretties came home with me for $70 a pop. YAY!


See that espresso leg? That had me leaning towards the dark stain top with white leg, for the table… but… like I said, I’ll give it a little more thought.


Nice pairing right? Well next up is the bar stools. They currently have a black faux leather on the seat and back. I think it’s a great opportunity to add some pattern, so I’ve pulled a couple fabrics to replace the backs. So I’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing the new table finish.


Here’s a shot of the placement of all the chairs in the room. Preeeeetty close to one another. Oh! And those cabinets… yeah… they’re getting painted this Summer too… and, maybe the floors… Eep! Lots of work ahead…




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  1. I have the same table and hairs! The top of my table is fine, but I wanted it to match the dark chairs. What about a black base to match the chairs?

  2. I have the exact table and have been looking for a replacement without any success. I have matching chairs but I prefer yours. It modernizes it a bit. What color did you end up going with?

  3. Just wanted to ask if you sanded before painting and did you prime the oak before painting the white?

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