So we moved in February, and for the last 8 months, my basement and I have not been getting along. I struggled to know exactly what to do with it.

I have moved the couch, desk, and tv into about 5 different floor-plans. Kinda like, this…


(I was right smack in the middle of this one, and knew it wouldn’t last)

And, this…


Thankfully, while I was working on this one, I was feeling ok. So, I committed. I didn’t finish finessing anything into place, I just started making plans. I liked where the desk was especially, so, a little more moving was in my future.


As in, moving everything out of my way so I can start to tackle those walls!


Painting has begun! Who knew the new place would inspire me to be such a white-paint person. Huh.


Any guesses for what else is changing? One hint… I’m using that crate I facebooked about last week! Fun!


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