Was that movie reference obvious enough? Maybe I should of asked if you’ve seen my stapler? … Onward!

I’ve finally found my little dedicated “office space” in the house. In the family room downstairs, right by the window (that may prove distracting in the Summer). It started out like this, well, almost… I’ve got all the switch plates off and the old light taken apart. Walls are patched and ready for paint.


Paint was a simple choice. A warm white. It’s nice and bright, and best of all it helps blend in the ducting cube in the top right corner.

office lighting

The light was a great find. Don’t forget to check the exterior lighting aisle in your hardware store! That’s where I found this little guy, and only 20 beans.

office lighting

Next up, storage. I had this little gem already on the go, that covers the files, but I need a little desktop storage and display to keep things fun. That’s where the crate comes in. Bought at Michaels with a coupon, a good score for around $12, and about to live a new life as shelving.

diy wooden crate

The crate got a quick paint job, and I moved on to paint some spare remnant shelving we had kicking around. The handy new brackets were a steal from a garage sale this Summer at $2 for 8.


Switch a light, mount the crate, hang a shelf, shake and stir with my old desk and what do I have?

ikea office

My pretty new office space… (on the cheap).

wooden crate shelf

I had my “Girl with Ball” print in my mind from the beginning. It inspired the blue for the crate, and shelving, and my little vinyl experiment on the filing cabinet. I’ve always loved it (it has good memories too, from my trip to NYC in ’08). I’ll be spending a lot of time looking up at her. I’m glad she’s found her new home.


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