Yep, time to say goodbye to our little bi-level. It was our first single family home, and our first home with the kiddo. There were a loooooot of projects happening here. We had a lot of fun and it was definitely our creative outlet for the past 6 years.

Remember this?


… it took a while…


… but it eventually became this:


And on moving day, we left it like this:


It was a little bizarro to see it empty, but it was nice to have a moment to reflect a little without our personal belongings in the way. I hope the new owner is very happy here… I know we were.

Another fav was the Kiddo’s room.



Her room was a little extra strange to see empty.


But we made sure we made time for one more fort…


So, we are off to our new adventure! Our first acreage! Looking forward to quiet and privacy, the trees, and, of course, a nice little toboggan hill right off to the side for the kiddo to have fun the whole rest of the winter! (And, lots and lots of NEW projects!!)

We are so looking forward to it all! And we’ll be here, sharing it all along the way with you!




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