Organizing the Kiddo’s toys.

So, the Kiddo is 2. Her toys are more advanced and seem to always include about a bazillion pieces. I admit, I have actually used my Swiffer Sweeper to collect them all into one spot just to clean them all off the floor before. It’s… a bit much.

I knew I had to come up with a new system for all these teeny tiny bits and pieces that are constantly getting shoved under the couch and under the bed.

Enter clear plastic shoe boxes. I had a few on hand that I was willing to sacrifice in the name of organization — I have a stack of “fancy” shoes piled up on my bed to prove it. (Finding them a new home will be the next project).

I’ve always used the “switch it up” method with Kiddo’s toys — I don’t think she needs every toy she owns available to her at every moment. It can be overwhelming for her (and me). And, this new box system will make rotating toys a lot easier.

I decided to kick it up a notch and include photo labels on each box on the lid and side of the box. Everything was collected in separate bins, and then I just took a photo, and printed 2 copies on my little inkjet.

Use clear plastic shoe boxes for kid's toys

Use clear plastic shoe boxes for kid's toys

Packing tape did the trick for sealing the images to the boxes (we seem to have a bit of it kicking around lately).¬†One on the lid, and one on the box…

Use clear plastic shoe boxes for kid's toys

Not only is this organized, but the kiddo likes grouping things anyway, and it keeps her from playing with 3 things at once. When she’s done with one box, she puts it away before grabbing the next one. So peaceful!

Use clear plastic shoe boxes for kid's toys

And, kid approved!

Use clear plastic shoe boxes for kid's toys

It’s worth mentioning I was previously using an open bin storage, something like this, which is great for her stuffies and anything more singular and bulky. But for the toys with all the little bits, it was inviting dumping and swapping — making for a messy room and time-consuming clean-up. So — open bins are still great for the bigger stuff, but to keep my sanity with the roughly 200 little blocks in my home… sealed bins are the way to go.


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