After the snow disappeared in Spring, and the grass wasn’t quite green yet, I had to wonder, will the garden actually come back to life? Because, it sure doesn’t look like much right now. Hmmm…

Well, behold the power of nature! Bigger and better than last year, and going strong!

Let this be proof to all of you out there that are intimidated by a garden. Because believe me, if I can help make this happen, so can you! Last time I looked, my green thumb was black. So get out there! Get your hands on some perennials and watch your little piece of paradise improve and grow and flourish a little more each year. What a great place to wander around with my morning coffee. A great way to start the day!

Have any gardening tips? Great photos? Share with us all here or post photos of your impressive gardening feats on our facebook page!

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