I had myself a little visit to the Home Depot recently where I met with Martha… ok, browsed her paint selection.

Happy to say I found myself a pretty hue for the new living room. My choices don’t really come across in the photo so well… Meh, you get the idea. (Psst! — we chose the top left).

white paint chips

The current colour can look really pink at certain times of the day. Especially with the red brick fireplace bouncing light around. Oh hey! There’s the new couch sitting there… it’s okay right? I’m having fun playing around with the throw pillows…


Here is the winner placed against the wall and moulding… you get the idea. “Gull (MSL256)” from the Martha Stewart Collection. See what I mean about the pink? This new colour should counteract that quite nicely.


And while we’re at it… I spy a new project hanging out in the living room. The coffee table got pulled out of storage and suits the new LR just fine… but needs an update… paint? Fabric? I’ll have to ponder this one a wee bit…


Pumped to see the new colour up on the wall! Funny… I think we’re going the exact opposite of the old place. The grey is on the couch, creamy colours for the wall… hmm…

Here’s a shot of the last place, just for kicks.



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